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Free At Last...Thanks to This Rehab Center
I had a heroin, methadone and cocaine addiction for over 10 years! I didn't like what I was doing, but I couldn't stop! I went to many rehab programs for help. (9 different programs).My dad found this program! I agreed to go and it was the best decision I ever made in my entire life!! I am now free from addiction and I've been clean for over 3 years!Thanks to Rehabilitation Centers in New York!
, New York Aug 23, 2011

Commendable Rehab Treatment
A loved one of mine entered rehab for a second time and this time went to this rehab center. The treatment that was implemented and the care that was given was beyond exceptional. we now have hope and see a future. The facility is beautiful and the staff was amazing. I highly recommend this establishment.
, New York Apr 17, 2012

Rehabilitation Centers in New York...Saving Lives
This place helped saved my brother's life. He had tried lots of rehabs before. The natural stuff they gave him really worked. Plus, they were awesome people...really cared, no judgement..We thank Rehabilitation Centers in New York a lot!
, New York Dec 29, 2011

Very Grateful to This Rehab Center
A family member of mine received treatment and the staff was great, the facility was really nice and he's never come out of rehab and stayed sober, so this is an amazing change. I'm grateful to this rehab center and for the fact that we found this program.
, New York Mar 31, 2012

Peaceful Rehab Center...I Liked It
They did a great job in helping me see the light. I liked it because it was small and so very personable. It's a very peaceful place. The therapists really allowed me to understand what had been going on in my life and how to cope with those things in the future without hitting the bottle.
, New York Jan 15, 2012

Rehabilitation Centers In New York is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.