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As a drug addict, you have lost control. You may be able to act for yourself, but every part of your life is determined by the drugs you take. They take priority over everything. Your relationships suffer along with your career. People exit your life because they can’t put up with your addiction. Your family suffers along with your health. Loved ones urge you to get help. You experience liver problems and other sicknesses. You may be fully aware of what drugs are doing to you but still struggling to quit. That’s a tragedy, but unfortunately, it’s not unusual. If you’re an addict, being unable to ask for help is a part of the disease you suffer from.

Addiction is a disease. It’s a complex disease involving both the brain and body. Your brain or body (or both) have reached a point where you cannot function properly without the drugs. Ending drug use without the proper help would be extremely difficult. It is something that has grown beyond your ability to control. Fortunately, it is something that good counselors are trained to deal with. The staff at a drug rehab center will know about what you’re going through and what steps can be taken to help you. Highly trained professionals can help you form a program that is suited to your individual needs, which will help you remain drug-free.

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