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For most addicts, medical detoxification (detox) is the beginning of a new life. In fact, some addictions can’t be effectively controlled without some kind of detox procedure. Detox rids the body of harmful substances (usually toxins) left behind due to the addiction. Over time, the addict’s body becomes so used to the addictive substance that it can’t function properly without it. Detox helps eliminate the body’s physical dependence on alcohol or whatever substance the body has been consuming. This will return the body to a more normal state, where it will be easier to overcome addiction.

Detox involves extremely individualized methods to cleanse all drugs from the body. However, there are three basic steps to expect. The first step is evaluation, where it’s determined which substances are being used. Professionals then start to oversee the client safely through detox in healthiest and comfortable way possible. When the body is healthier and purged from all damaging substances, then detox facilities can lead clients into rehab therapy facilities to support lasting and permanent health.

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